Teddy Swims "Bed On Fire"


Here to put a rousing cap on tonight's special episode is the sensational Teddy Swims with a performance of his new single, "Bed On Fire." #Colbert #Music #TeddySwims
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  • VanIsland Angell
    VanIsland AngellDag siden

    Voice control!! 👏🙌👏

  • Shri Devi
    Shri DeviDag siden

    Loved all Teddy's videos over the years! Soulful vibes ... luv from Canada

  • JB Darr
    JB DarrDag siden

    Love love love this guy!!! Teddy, Teddy, Teddy... the stars ✨ are your future! ❤️🧸❤️

  • C. Gibbs
    C. Gibbs2 dager siden

    Have been listening to him for over a year and predict he could cross into mainstream. Hate to compare, but he is a cross between Chris Stapleton and Marc Broussard but with a funky vibe and look of his own. A song that really will get the eyes watering is his cover of "Rivers". The original band from Netherlands (?)were so impressed Teddy could make it a hit because what he touches turns to gold.

  • Angry Kittens
    Angry Kittens4 dager siden


  • MIKES0029
    MIKES00294 dager siden


  • Wendy Wilson
    Wendy Wilson4 dager siden

    Get those accolades you deserve. Shine bright like a diamond Teddy

  • Ingrida Murauskiene
    Ingrida Murauskiene5 dager siden


  • Alexandru Tanasoiu
    Alexandru Tanasoiu5 dager siden

    FINALLY, Teddy gets some network spotlight! Thank you Stephen!

  • dwayne arthur
    dwayne arthur5 dager siden


  • Richard Klassen
    Richard Klassen6 dager siden

    wow - crazy when i see Teddy's video before I see this haha - used to love Colbert. Congrats man!!!

  • Chia_Pet
    Chia_Pet7 dager siden

    My grandma lived just down the street from the "Burning Bed" and the police didn't approve of burning people back then. Nice to see things change over time? O.o

  • mary smith
    mary smith10 dager siden

    Never heard of him before. Holy sh*t! if I’ve learned one lockdown lesson, it’s seeking out and having the patience to listen to any kind of music out there. I’ve sat through a lot of cringey stuff. Then you get the privilege to hear something like this ❤️

  • D Kolterman
    D Kolterman10 dager siden

    That was literally fire!!🔥🔥

  • Debbie Perkins
    Debbie Perkins10 dager siden

    Kudos!!!! You deserve it. He is in Spotify. I have him loaded, and on repeat. I play him LOUD!!! You will be amazed at his playlist. 😮😳🥰. He should be in the Voice. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch their faces!!!!

  • Dan Tharp
    Dan Tharp10 dager siden

    YES!!!! Teddy made it to Colbert! Damn....I love me some Teddy Swims! Congrats Teddy and band. :)

  • Sara Griffin
    Sara Griffin11 dager siden

    Congratulations Teddy, I know you worked hard to get to this point. You sound even more amazing live! All the best.

  • Kim Norton
    Kim Norton11 dager siden

    Fell in love with Teddy during Covid. Love his voice all the way from Australia

  • Kate Finkel-Nitschke
    Kate Finkel-Nitschke11 dager siden

    I’ve loved his voice forever now, I’m so glad he was able to be on! Absolutely incredible as always

  • Annette Murray
    Annette Murray12 dager siden

    Thanks for your show to give air time to the best singer of this decade

  • Nancy
    Nancy12 dager siden

    What a GREAT band, I loved this performance, His voice and presence!!! ❤️

  • mrrockoffjohnson1
    mrrockoffjohnson112 dager siden


  • doodlebug
    doodlebug13 dager siden

    Being served a Santa Fe Crispers Salad at Chili’s by this dude one day and then watching him on Colbert a couple years later - you love to see it. Teddy Swims ❤️❤️❤️

  • Windansr
    Windansr13 dager siden

    Omg finally......you got this Teddy!! You got me through this pandemic. Your voice led me all this way. Grateful and awestruck...I knew you could sing me into my future. Love and blessings ...... you go Teddy!!! Thank you!!🌺

  • Fix News
    Fix News13 dager siden

    Beds Are Burning?

  • chinookvalley
    chinookvalley13 dager siden

    I almost didn't watch this. Glad I did. Amazing. Thank you Teddy, for being on.

  • Richard Sochel
    Richard Sochel13 dager siden

    When a relationship ends, arson is the solution? Nice music and vocals!

  • Tracey Gilligan
    Tracey Gilligan13 dager siden

    Love this song, i hope that you had fun x

  • walter ogb
    walter ogb13 dager siden

    Awesome as always teddy you guys deserve all the exposure and accolades 👏

  • Ekquizit Sounds
    Ekquizit Sounds13 dager siden

    U know a white man can blow when he has black back up singers

  • Ekquizit Sounds
    Ekquizit Sounds13 dager siden


  • Ekquizit Sounds
    Ekquizit Sounds13 dager siden


  • Peggy Sue
    Peggy Sue13 dager siden

    Teddy Swims is ABSOLUTELY amazing! His voice is friggin GOLD! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I've been listening to him on NOlocal for several months now. If you do anything today, go to NOlocal and listen to Teddy Swims... you won't regret it!!

  • cazdrazil
    cazdrazil14 dager siden

    Yay for Teddy!!!!

  • Doris Keil-Shamieh
    Doris Keil-Shamieh14 dager siden

    Fantastic! Love this Teddy and Elefants! Congrats!

  • Real Rage Kage
    Real Rage Kage14 dager siden

    Perfect example of a powerful and unique voice. Would love for him and Zach Bryan to do a song together.

  • Yvette Aldrich
    Yvette Aldrich14 dager siden

    Didn't expect that sweet honey voice when I first saw him walk to the mic! Wow!

  • Big Bottom
    Big Bottom14 dager siden

    So, I slept with someone else in our bed, burn it baby. I think you'll stay.

  • mplsgrrl 2021
    mplsgrrl 202114 dager siden

    Listen to Prince. Get some tips for excellence. More emotion. 👊

  • Samson Ruth
    Samson Ruth14 dager siden

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    Andrew Hilton

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    Tatiana Smith

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  • Frank Drebbin
    Frank Drebbin14 dager siden

    What the heck kind of Head is that!?!?! Not enough just to have a face on the front, this guy has to pile on the ornamentations like a museum collection of acid nightmares.

  • Lizbeth
    Lizbeth14 dager siden

    What a great voice!!

  • Sean F.
    Sean F.14 dager siden

    Been a fan from minute one! Hell yeah Teddy!

  • Debra Bjorkman
    Debra Bjorkman14 dager siden

    Such a talented singer. Thank you for having him on your show.

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis15 dager siden

    That books cover doesnt read like the pages inside. Great job Teddy

  • Tinie Solomon
    Tinie Solomon15 dager siden

    Congratulations Teddy! :)

  • Masterson Agency
    Masterson Agency15 dager siden

    Stephen's bed will be on fire that night lmao

  • David Ryan
    David Ryan15 dager siden

    The best Colbert clip by far... nolocal.info/have/video/aoSjZJqiqW-b0p4

  • Xander Jones
    Xander Jones15 dager siden

    Our boy Teddy, they grow up so fast 😭 Shine bright my dude.

  • Yvonne Yvonne
    Yvonne Yvonne15 dager siden

    Yayyyyyyy!!! Our Teddy Bear done hit the big time on Colbert! His versatility is awe inspiring; he swims through different music genres like a trout in Spring stream. He's amazingly talented, but so humble as well. I discovered him less than a year ago, but his vocal talent had me subscribing to his NOlocal channel by song #4 (I have never subscribed to anyone that fast). Go #TeddySwims!!!

  • Clarissa Castro
    Clarissa Castro15 dager siden

    Teddy sings great 👍🏼 and he dresses like the rest of us when walking out of the Gap store! Hahalol keep singing for us Teddy you got those fabulous tunes!!!

  • Penelope Dobie
    Penelope Dobie15 dager siden

    Teddy is absolutely wonderful! Soooo glad he is getting the recognition! Love him!

  • Brick Tamland
    Brick Tamland15 dager siden

    whats with the new homeless fashion fad? first post malone and now this guy?

  • sara cowles
    sara cowles15 dager siden

    Thank you SC for once again introducing amazing talent. Was moved to tears by your song Teddy, great voice, deeply moving. Will be listening to more of you!

  • Karen Elizabeth Lindsey
    Karen Elizabeth Lindsey16 dager siden

    Im so proud! The first time I heard Teddy a couple years ago I knew that there was no way he wasnt going to become a household name ! Watching the journey is exciting 😊

  • kvn8907
    kvn890716 dager siden

    This sounds very similar to House of Glass by 4everfreebrony.

  • Bobbylon
    Bobbylon16 dager siden

    So awful

  • Cody Mason

    Cody Mason

    12 dager siden

    Lmao what

  • Sandra Dodson
    Sandra Dodson16 dager siden

    Looove his music😘🔥🔥🔥

  • Comqlicated Republix
    Comqlicated Republix16 dager siden


  • Tribe213
    Tribe21316 dager siden

    This cat can sing however I just can't with the hair. It would be different if he was born with knobs in his head. And we just had to accept him 4 how he was born. But no. He can sing though.

  • Yze AV
    Yze AV16 dager siden

    OUR BOY MADE IT!! I’m so proud!!

  • Verlean West
    Verlean West16 dager siden

    Love you so much! I have been following you on NOlocal from the beginning! So happy for you! Continued success to you and the Elevants!!!

  • Wendy Gacsi
    Wendy Gacsi16 dager siden

    I love the juxtaposition of fashion sense , or lack there of , 😎 with the huge sound coming from the look! 🙃.

  • Tracy Muckle
    Tracy Muckle16 dager siden

    It's about time I saw him on national TV!!

  • Seth's Leonard
    Seth's Leonard16 dager siden

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    15 dager siden

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    Michael David

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    Stella Robyn

    16 dager siden

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  • Kelly LaCalli

    Kelly LaCalli

    16 dager siden

    @Evelyn Best This is helpful thanks,... gotta massage for him away.

  • rosecolouredglasses
    rosecolouredglasses16 dager siden

    Women, take note. This guys proves you can be a successful singer even if you wear slippers and socks on stage. Don't bother with wardrobe or hair styling. If people tell you to dress better or fix your hair, point to this guy.

  • Bonnie Jones
    Bonnie Jones16 dager siden

    Thank you for keeping your dream alive, I knew you would get there!!!

  • Julie Price
    Julie Price16 dager siden


  • Danica Castillo
    Danica Castillo16 dager siden

    I’ve been a huge fan for a while now. I’m so happy people are finally discovering teddy!

  • Trisha Taylor
    Trisha Taylor16 dager siden

    Ughhh.. the 38 people that put thumbs down on this Obviously have NO taste! Great job Teddy, you did great! Much love!!

  • JLR C
    JLR C16 dager siden


  • Natalie HWebb
    Natalie HWebb16 dager siden


  • Janet Beebe
    Janet Beebe16 dager siden

    I want to hear Teddy & Celeste together singing, Amazing Grace.

  • Janet Beebe
    Janet Beebe16 dager siden

    Teddy is the Real Deal.

  • Jamara Monet
    Jamara Monet16 dager siden

    Amazing voice, love it!

  • Just Jackie
    Just Jackie16 dager siden

    Can you even imagine Teddy on Fox News !!

  • Joseph Q
    Joseph Q16 dager siden

    💜2021✨Amen pass the Word... #MillenniumLanceAndTheOpenScroll 🌹 Daniel 11-12 Revelation 20-21 keeping the Faith... 💜😎

  • Kory Stewart
    Kory Stewart16 dager siden

    Dont judge books... you know how it goes

  • H. G Maglione
    H. G Maglione16 dager siden

    Follow him since 2019, amazing, God speed Teddy 🤟

  • Lily Jade
    Lily Jade16 dager siden

    copycat of Midnight Oil ... "how can we sleep while our beds are burning ..."

  • Diane Daddario-Pfautz
    Diane Daddario-Pfautz16 dager siden

    Lovely voice❤️

  • D Moore
    D Moore16 dager siden

    Best voice, best song, best REAL musician you've had on in weeks! Thank you for the introduction!

  • Jooj McStevenson
    Jooj McStevenson16 dager siden

    Never heard off this til now....but it has some soul no doubt.

  • doubleusemama
    doubleusemama16 dager siden

    This VOICE. TOTAL 🔥... speaking of letting it burn. Geez.

  • Jo Keniston
    Jo Keniston16 dager siden

    My favorite singer on my favorite talk show!

  • Sonia Dekker
    Sonia Dekker16 dager siden

    What an AMAZING voice!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Gunnarson
    Brandon Gunnarson16 dager siden

    I was already a fan of Tedddy but this performance gives me chills, i'm sold on this song

  • Big Bird
    Big Bird16 dager siden

    Well Done. And thank you.

  • Sarah Tensile
    Sarah Tensile16 dager siden

    Thank you, Stephen, for giving this wonderful talent a boost!

  • Stacey Bennett
    Stacey Bennett16 dager siden

    You set my heart on fire with this one ❤️❤️

  • Stacey Bennett
    Stacey Bennett16 dager siden

    Teddy I've been telling people your a ⭐⭐

  • Torri Erkan
    Torri Erkan16 dager siden

    What a show Teddy 🧸 You knocked it outta the park .love ya

  • Patricia Tyrcha
    Patricia Tyrcha16 dager siden

    First time hearing this... His voice gave me goosebumps almost immediately... so full of emotion, my eyes were watering, and I don't even really relate to the meaning of the lyrics (I tend to hang on, ha) ... I'm going to listen again, just wow. Thank you for this beautiful voice and soul and song!

  • X S
    X S16 dager siden

    Naya Scene Hum Denge Qadri Paghri Pathan Joote Mjhe Dedena!

  • Samuel Medina
    Samuel Medina16 dager siden

    No fucking way

  • Steve Gould
    Steve Gould16 dager siden

    So happy for you. Been following you for years. This is just the start my friend.

  • L. C.
    L. C.16 dager siden

    Teddy is so amazing!! His live shows are better than any other I’ve experienced. They are intimate and feel like you are surrounded by family! Such love!! That voice of his is so angelic!!! ❤️💗💗❤️💗❤️💗❤️💗❤️💗❤️💗❤️💗 Love you Teddy!!