Ted Cruz pranked in his sleep by Kindly Granny


When Ted Cruz got sleepy during President Biden's joint address to Congress, a kindly grandma helped him get some shut eye.
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Clip air date 4/29/2021
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  • dens790130
    dens7901302 dager siden

    Funny how it's people like Ted Snooze who invented names like Sleepy Joe to diss him.

  • Greg Grozdanis
    Greg Grozdanis9 dager siden

    I probably would’ve fallen asleep if I had to sit through the whole thing

  • T85
    T8510 dager siden

    Who wouldn't fall asleep listening to this boring old geezer that can't even say a full sentence properly I mean...very easy to do that...

  • ZR1Terror
    ZR1Terror12 dager siden

    That’s how lame and boring out president is. So incompetent and embarrassing for this country.

  • cr1m1nalspeed
    cr1m1nalspeed12 dager siden

    Sleepy Cruz 😂

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake13 dager siden

    Pretend sleeping is what republicans are capable of which is very sad

  • T85


    10 dager siden

    Nobody pretended geek...demented Joe Joe would put a hyper child to sleep...

  • skywalkier
    skywalkier14 dager siden

    Douchebag award

  • bigbuddhist
    bigbuddhist14 dager siden

    Stephen Colbert is cringe and so are all you leftist sheep, God bless you all!

  • Big Cheese
    Big Cheese15 dager siden

    Wow. Funny.. We should be defunding talk show's instead of cops.

  • j j
    j j15 dager siden

    stay off the cocaine teddy

  • Lady You Go
    Lady You Go15 dager siden

    That SUCKS he is sleeping he's supposed to represent his Constituents Republicians Democratics and Independents we have got to vote this guy OUT NOW immediately he doesn't care about us he's got to go NOW 🤬🛑🤬😡

  • Andrew Patterson

    Andrew Patterson

    9 dager siden

    Bro, screw EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS who did not FORCE themselves to be at the State of Union. Pandemic BE DAMNED. They need to get their ASSES in Congress now!! Utter disgrace that the Democrats blocked nearly ALL of Congress from showing up, and awful the Republicans allowed this. Consequences WILL be forth coming.

  • Micah Hendricks

    Micah Hendricks

    15 dager siden

    I'm sorry we texans love Sen. Cruz

  • Centurion K
    Centurion K16 dager siden

    Rafael Cruz had to change his name to appeal to MAGAts. Let that sink in

  • sosmra
    sosmra16 dager siden

    Cancun Cruz had a big lunch !

  • Dillon Sudduth
    Dillon Sudduth17 dager siden

    Maybe he was sleeping cause he didn't give a shit about what that sorry excuse of a presedent had to say.

  • Practice What You Preach
    Practice What You Preach17 dager siden

    Ted Cru😴

  • Chris Sheehan
    Chris Sheehan17 dager siden

    I fell asleep too listening to that same babbling demented nitwit

  • Micah Hendricks

    Micah Hendricks

    15 dager siden


  • Agnes Galvez,MS, RDN, LDN
    Agnes Galvez,MS, RDN, LDN17 dager siden


  • Big Pigeon gaming
    Big Pigeon gaming17 dager siden

    NPC ha ha ha

  • Egerton Ridout
    Egerton Ridout17 dager siden

    Hell, Joe Biden made me fall asleep as well!!

  • Nanyu Busnis
    Nanyu Busnis17 dager siden

    Blurring out "hole" is like blurring out "face" in "f**kface"

  • Codemaster
    Codemaster17 dager siden

    Sleeping Lying Ted

  • Augmuse
    Augmuse17 dager siden

    Goodnight Teddy.

  • Robert Wieczorek
    Robert Wieczorek18 dager siden

    How do you not take a nap during that speech

  • Moe Zura
    Moe Zura18 dager siden

    Tim Scott: "America is not a racist country." Democrats: "Oh, yes it is, UNCLE TIM!" All you need to know...

  • Andrew Patterson

    Andrew Patterson

    9 dager siden


  • Theresea Jones
    Theresea Jones18 dager siden

    What a Speech? Slept right threw it? Nightmares The Socialist Democratics Party spending OUR COUNTRY'S MONEY 💲💰, Oh we don't have ! Oh TAX THE PEOPLE!

  • Henry Dawkins
    Henry Dawkins18 dager siden

    Trump use to fall asleep while giving his on speech sleepy Donald 😪

  • Dawn Lyell
    Dawn Lyell18 dager siden

    The comments make fun, but seriously, this is a congressional representative falling asleep during his job! Let that sink in for a moment. You the people pay for this representation! Sorry, that I find that shameful!

  • Andrew Patterson

    Andrew Patterson

    9 dager siden

    Buddy, your priorities are F*CKED up. What about the EMPTY SEATS????? The fact that MOST of Congress was blocked from attending this SOTU is a D I S G R A C E. I am HAPPY Ted Cruz tell asleep, at the very least it shows that people aren't f*cking thrilled about this inept Admin... Pandemic be DAMNED. Every Republican/Democrat should have armed up and demanded to be let in the building. This nonsense cannot continue.

  • Chris Sheehan

    Chris Sheehan

    17 dager siden

    RBG fell asleep on the supreme court. She was 86 years old 😂 isn't it time we have term limits?

  • Ryan Maggs
    Ryan Maggs18 dager siden

    Sleeping at work gets anyone else fired? Why do the people that say they are working for us, get caught sleeping at work? That isn’t working for us or even knowing what’s going on? This is ridiculous!!!! 175k a year and is sleeping at work on camera. Why is he not fired?

  • Andrew Patterson

    Andrew Patterson

    9 dager siden

    Because his constituents decide his fate, not some snobby liberal on the internet. Evidently they are happy with Ted Cruz falling asleep, at the very least it shows that people aren't thrilled with this disappointing administration

  • Hải Tuấn Nguyễn

    Hải Tuấn Nguyễn

    14 dager siden

    What about Sleepy Joe?

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte
    Napoléon I Bonaparte18 dager siden

    He’s sleeping to Kokomo playing in his head, with an added, “Cancun” to it...

  • Dick Hammer

    Dick Hammer

    17 dager siden

    At least he didn't go to his buddy Jeffs island! I'm not a fan of either.

  • Serg Vargas
    Serg Vargas18 dager siden

    He was dreaming sunny beaches in Cancun!!!

  • Kurdati
    Kurdati18 dager siden

    10 cures doctors won't share for insomnia

  • Chris Albert
    Chris Albert18 dager siden

    Writing a-hole on Cruz's head is a little redundant, given how obvious it is.

  • Brian McManus
    Brian McManus18 dager siden

    El Grande Tool

  • MVVpro
    MVVpro18 dager siden

    Cruz: "My daughters told me to fall asleep".

  • Dave Bartosh
    Dave Bartosh18 dager siden

    Cruz earining his paycheck doing what the GOP does best, nothing productive.

  • Tedger
    Tedger18 dager siden

    Where is Fox news coverage of sleepy Ted?

  • Leon Bachman
    Leon Bachman18 dager siden

    Joe put the world asleep

  • Tam Tam
    Tam Tam18 dager siden

    Ted did what the 11M people did at home while watching---dozed off. That speech was a dumpster fire of bore...c'mon man.

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown18 dager siden

    Sleepy sleepy ted

  • Oboro
    Oboro18 dager siden

    What a literal manbaby Ted is.

  • Clockwise Cat
    Clockwise Cat18 dager siden

    Ted Douche

  • iBenNguyening
    iBenNguyening18 dager siden

    Biden sounds like the crazy old Grandpa those goes on and on talking about nothing and you always try to slowly walk away…….

  • the great
    the great18 dager siden

    I would have used jigglypuff but Nintendo might suee

  • Pac man
    Pac man18 dager siden

    What was the purpose of this?

  • FleshandBlood2024
    FleshandBlood202418 dager siden

    Oh geesh that shit was so boring 😴🙄😒 as hell , no wonder he is the "SLEEPY GRANDPA JOE!" 🤭🤭🤭🤭😅

  • M. Phoenix
    M. Phoenix18 dager siden

    All that guy offers is political theater, get rid of him Texas.

  • Micah Hendricks

    Micah Hendricks

    15 dager siden

    No thank you we like him

  • Joshua Flaud
    Joshua Flaud18 dager siden


  • jbt PA
    jbt PA18 dager siden

    Permanent marker I hope.

  • kk P
    kk P18 dager siden

    fuck i'd fall asleep too. In fact, I play biden's speech when i want to go to sleep

  • Trump is a big fat loser

    Trump is a big fat loser

    18 dager siden

    I’d play Trump’s speech when I a want to get orange

  • ButNotforMEEE!!!
    ButNotforMEEE!!!18 dager siden

    Why is everybody quick to dislike Ted. That was the most punk rock thing I’ve seen from any Senator. Ted is cool 😎 That speech was boring and radical just like he called it. Most popular President my ass!

  • Robert Lust
    Robert Lust18 dager siden

    0:10 seconds Dedicated to Deputy Chef Thomas Quinlin Pending ROI from Columbus Police Recruiting

  • Chuck Howard
    Chuck Howard18 dager siden

    Hes dreaming of tucker and hannity tag teaming his wife

  • Bats Man
    Bats Man18 dager siden

    Ted Cruz needs to change his brand of dope.

  • John Browne
    John Browne18 dager siden

    Who wouldn't get sleepy when Sleepy Joe is talking? Biden should shill for Sominex.

  • Cosmo Genesis
    Cosmo Genesis18 dager siden


  • Jindrich Zapletal
    Jindrich Zapletal18 dager siden

    we should all appreciate how much nicer person Ted is when he is asleep

  • James Harris

    James Harris

    18 dager siden

    Jindrich Zapletal: And when there is a mask covering his face. And when his mouth is shut. And.... :-)

  • Danielle Diaz

    Danielle Diaz

    18 dager siden

    No just as shitty. It radiates from him like Chernobyl just happened

  • humdrum
    humdrum18 dager siden

    Writing that on his forehead is like working for the Department of Redundancy Department.

  • 002
    00218 dager siden

    Ted's tired from kissing trumps azz

  • leon beever
    leon beever18 dager siden

    Can't say as i would blame him. Biden probably just got up from his nap and won't be able to complete sentences anyway.

  • Melvis1
    Melvis118 dager siden

    Folks, there are a few suspicious accounts, like The Magic Man, who only joined 6 days ago, with no subscribers, so please be careful. The bots and trolls are really trying to earn their Ruskie money OR it’s Eric trying to earn his daddy’s approval...can’t say love cause we all know the former guy’s love goes to only one - Ivanka!

  • Joshy Nailz
    Joshy Nailz18 dager siden

    When you listen to Ted Cruz talk

  • movaughn20
    movaughn2018 dager siden

    Ironic, he's dosing off when Biden is talking about emergency relief... Such as Texas is recovering from... Texans might want to find out why there getting screwed on there power grid...?

  • moses knows
    moses knows18 dager siden

    That's the same thing "Mr Sandman" does when he's supposed to be working for the people of Texas...

  • Tskmaster
    Tskmaster18 dager siden

    What a world we live in that you can write "Ass" but if you put "Hole" next to it, it has to be censored. How did I know it was "Hole"? It's Ted Cruz, he always has "ass****" written all over his face.

  • David Hemsley
    David Hemsley18 dager siden

    View figures published. Looks like millions didn't want to be bored to sleep.

  • sewerslide 1312mg
    sewerslide 1312mg18 dager siden

    godam pill head

  • Jaime Torres
    Jaime Torres18 dager siden

    Honestly...... it was so lame I fell asleep to

  • Gene Burkey
    Gene Burkey18 dager siden

    Too bad we don't have a president worth listening to.

  • garrick ming
    garrick ming18 dager siden

    Even more proof Cruz isn't interested in doing his job even when it's as simple as listening to a speech. Time to send him on a permanent vacation.

  • JDC 5049
    JDC 504918 dager siden

    Bedtime for bozo

  • bernard isaac
    bernard isaac18 dager siden

    Ass ass in nate what a weird sentence

  • Laura Walker
    Laura Walker18 dager siden

    They didn't fall asleep, they conspired before they went in to act like pathetic children. This is what Trump brought to America, an era of idiocy. 100 republicans got to go, they picked the worst on purpose. They are an embarrassments. They offer nothing, except faux outrage. No policies, absolutely nothing. They'd be gutted if Mexicans stopped trying to cross the border because all they'd be left with is to rage about what private companies like those that own Mr Potato head, or Dr Seuss decide to call themselves, or books they decide print or not print. They are now just a party of QNuts and Twitter trolls.

  • Michael Marceau
    Michael Marceau18 dager siden

    Poor Ted. Being a traitor is tiresome.

  • Meyike S
    Meyike S18 dager siden

    I think Ted Cruz has dementia!

  • warren rubin
    warren rubin18 dager siden

    Dreaming of the good times with carlie

  • james krawetz
    james krawetz18 dager siden

    That’s when Ted is most productive. Don’t wake him up. Let him stay on the Cruz Snooze.

  • Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson18 dager siden

    as-wipe is a better description

  • New Message
    New Message18 dager siden

    No worse than what his daughters must write on his face every morning, I'm sure.

  • JP


    18 dager siden


  • Orthodadday
    Orthodadday18 dager siden


  • Jennifer Fuentes
    Jennifer Fuentes18 dager siden

    Ted Snooze 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pronto
    Pronto18 dager siden

    Don't give the prison tattoo artists ideas.

  • Kenneth T
    Kenneth T18 dager siden

    Zodiac killer

  • Margaret Peabody
    Margaret Peabody18 dager siden

    That Grandma sounded like Madea and it is something she'ld do. Fun stuff, Tuning Out the News.

  • CrimsonBlasphemy
    CrimsonBlasphemy18 dager siden

    Ted "Cancun" Snooze. Rafael needed his nap.

  • Laura Walker

    Laura Walker

    18 dager siden

    They didn't fall asleep, they conspired before they went in to act like pathetic children. This is what Trump brought to America, an era of pathetic idiocy. 100 republicans got to go, they picked the worst on purpose. They are an embarrassments. They offer nothing, except faux outrage. No policies, absolutely nothing. They'd be gutted if Mexicans stopped trying to cross the border because all they'd be left with is to rage about what private companies like those that own Mr Potato head, or Dr Seuss decide to call themselves, or books they decide print or not print. They are now just a party of QNuts and Twitter trolls.

  • sockpuppetbitme
    sockpuppetbitme18 dager siden

    For a few fleeting moments 'Cancun Snooze' had snuck back across the border to the promised land, sunbaking with a pina colada in his hand... with no damn mask...Zzzzzzzzz

  • Brandon Young-Kemkes
    Brandon Young-Kemkes18 dager siden

    I wouldn’t of used dry erase.

  • phantom 7 cross rose
    phantom 7 cross rose18 dager siden

    Between sniffy and devie ( couple of examples of soporifics) it's a wonder the whole country not asleep 😴💤😇

  • Tea Nelson
    Tea Nelson18 dager siden

    Come on Sen. Cruz as an Independent I’m telling you that was so disrespectful from the tweet you sent to falling asleep. Get it together man you have kids why you teaching them this shameful behavior?

  • TJ James
    TJ James18 dager siden

    *Attention* - There appears to be an influx of new Troll accounts bombarding the comment sections of shows like this one, Seth Myers, the Jimmy’s, etc. So if u r getting trolled, check their channel to see when they joined NOlocal and if was less than a month ago then they are likely agents of Russia or China. They’re only here to cause chaos, spread misinformation and divide US citizens. Just ignore them.

  • Laith d
    Laith d18 dager siden

    That's not his fault, haven't gluten free dinner and listen to the hypnotic speech from the totally and definitely sleepy Joe and his 2 once upon a time women ... I will snore

  • Todd F Packer
    Todd F Packer18 dager siden

    Man I fell asleep too......Thank GOD I wasn't the only one. ..

  • Todd F Packer

    Todd F Packer

    18 dager siden

    @Laura Walker Make sure you take the Vaccine. ... Remember Donald Trump said so #46

  • Laura Walker

    Laura Walker

    18 dager siden

    I've also slept a lot better since the orange nutcase was booted out of the white house. Finally Americans can sleep easy knowing there's a competent president.

  • Doug Ohaver
    Doug Ohaver18 dager siden

    I cannot stand Cancun Cruz but you're still getting a thumbs down cuz I'm sick and tired of these miniscule tidbits thrown on NOlocal just to get views.

  • Mike G
    Mike G18 dager siden

    I love Joe... but he would probably put me to sleep too

  • T85


    10 dager siden

    Well I appreciate your honesty...not like the rest of them leftists geeks...

  • JP


    18 dager siden

    Wow someone with some common sense. I disagree with you, but even if it were some republican in there, if it were over 15 minutes I'd be out 😂

  • Fortitudine Vincimus
    Fortitudine Vincimus18 dager siden

    All that effort of fighting the "radical left" has made Ted a little sleepy...

  • JP


    18 dager siden

    @Fortitudine Vincimus Wow, you do know that conservative beliefs are more in line with Jesus', right? Abortion, transgenderism, homosexuality? Jesus wasn't any of those, and if you are implying that Jesus is comparable with Biden, then you seriously have misinterpreted the faith.

  • Fortitudine Vincimus

    Fortitudine Vincimus

    18 dager siden

    @JP Yeah... caring about the well being of others is so "radical". If Jesus came back today all you morons would label him a "radical left communist Marxist"... and crucify him all over again.

  • JP


    18 dager siden

    No need for the quotes, they are quite literally radical.

  • TheMovingForest .303
    TheMovingForest .30318 dager siden

    Snuuzz Cruz 🤡

  • Sigma
    Sigma18 dager siden

    I would’ve fallen asleep too, what a bore that speech was.

  • Chris
    Chris18 dager siden

    Such a disgrace to us decent Texans and America as a whole.

  • JP


    18 dager siden

    Speak for yourself, most Texans are conservatives, and the decent ones...

  • Maria Azevedo
    Maria Azevedo18 dager siden

    He's such an idiot. At least while he's sleeping no stupidity comes out of his mouth. Great illustration!🤐🥱

  • NightOwL News&Videos.
    NightOwL News&Videos.18 dager siden

    Hes fake.

  • MD4564
    MD456418 dager siden

    Teddy only woke up when Republicans says something