Sen. Sanders Finds It "Increasingly Difficult" To Work With Senators Who Supported The Insurrection


Senator Bernie Sanders speaks frankly about the challenges of balancing a divided Senate, and how difficult it is to work with members who continue to spread the "big lie" about the 2020 election results. #Colbert #BernieSanders #SenatorSanders
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  • Himanshu Rawat
    Himanshu RawatDag siden

    Wish he were the president of USA.

  • Jennifer
    JenniferDag siden

    The USA needs more politicians like Bernie Sanders.

  • M McTest
    M McTestDag siden

    Interesting, he supported the real insurrection happening last year and continuing today. In Portland Seattle SanFrancisco LA Minneapolis Kenosha Chicago Detroit Louisville WashingtonDC. Hundreds hurt and maimed billions in destruction to private and local state and federal properties. lle Washington DC. Jan 6 was a bunch of clowns in comparison. Bernie is using it for his own agenda which generally means more money for him. My opinion

  • Francis Weller
    Francis WellerDag siden

    I live in Louisiana, where Bernie is wrongfully vilified by half (the loud half) of the people around me. I stay because climate change, discrimination awareness, and the positive side of healthcare/government spending need a reasonable voice in this state as much as they do in Vermont. I defend Bernie with calm reason and facts because he defends all the things that we NEED as a people and a species. I will always stand up for Bernie for the same reason I will always be a rainbow ally and an environmentalist - good, beautiful things deserve our support and loyalty Love you, Senator Sanders!

  • Shannon Coleman
    Shannon ColemanDag siden

    Dear Senator, I am writing about uneployment benefits expiring . I worked at McDonald's and Burger King both years ago before getting my BS degree in Health Science . Remember them sending us home early on several occasions . This would be disastrous for a family who could not apply for partial unemployment to make up the difference in lost wages. There needs to be a safety net put in place up to December that would allow a worker to draw partial unemployment for loss of hours if they fall below 36 hours . Thank you

  • Denise Day
    Denise Day2 dager siden

    WE Love You Bernie!

  • Grey Bear
    Grey Bear2 dager siden

    You’re welcome Bernie! We’ll continue to inspire you!

  • grmpf
    grmpf3 dager siden

    The title appropriately cut off at "Senators Who Su..." for me.

  • Max Khadduri
    Max Khadduri3 dager siden


  • Jerry Cole
    Jerry Cole3 dager siden

    How many people were charged with insurrection from Jan 6th? 🤔 ZERO

  • Nathaniel Knight
    Nathaniel Knight4 dager siden

    Nobody is denying anyone the right to vote. C'mon. This is exactly what you accuse the republicans of doing - spreading fear and misinformation. You can still vote and your vote counts exactly the same. Accuse republicans of undermining the president and democracy after you spend 4 years waging a non-stop war against Trump who was fairly elected? What was that? supporting democracy by repeating that he was elected with foreign intervention, is a puppet president, the election wasn't legit etc.? If you had any serious issues with those things, you would not have them them yourself. You complain about insurrections, but you supported insurrections against the state for the last 4 years using the BLM proxy to throw the country into chaos and terrorize people into submission by proclaiming that some odd 10 officers out of a 800.000 people police force are 'systematically racist'. That's like calling a skyscraper fundamentally unsafe because one floor is missing a light bulb.

  • M
    M4 dager siden


  • TheJugg
    TheJugg4 dager siden

    Yeah, I would also have a hard time working with people who were screaming for my death.

  • TU
    TU4 dager siden

    This is what happens when you don't hold those accountable. These congressmen should have been expelled right after their attempt to overthrow democracy.

  • luca fischer
    luca fischer4 dager siden

    You guys could have had him but noooo... Hilary and Trump

  • Gabriel Le Pen
    Gabriel Le Pen4 dager siden

    Bernie Sanders: The person that now can literally make the senate shut the fuck up in the form of a budget.

  • Hostine
    Hostine5 dager siden

    Bernie, is the dumbest man in politics!

  • neweng research
    neweng research5 dager siden

    Stephen those people in politics KNOW the present system of government IS legitimate they just DONT CARE. THEY BELIEVE IN CHEATING AND LYING and know that you can fool some of the people all of the time

  • let them eat tweets
    let them eat tweets6 dager siden

    I feel like being Bernie's grandchild would be such a fulfilling life experience. He's just so real. I would ask him everything all the time.

  • Mark Fernandes
    Mark Fernandes6 dager siden

    It's like a 50/50 candy bar.. half is good the other have has nuts in it.

  • V C
    V C6 dager siden

    Authentic Bernie. Love him or hate him, he believes every word he says.

  • John Goulart
    John Goulart6 dager siden

    His last sentence there said and shows it all.

  • Griffin Brown
    Griffin Brown6 dager siden

    I like the way Bernie says the word country

  • Marco D
    Marco D6 dager siden

    True hero. You are such an inspiration, Bernie.

  • ted peters
    ted peters6 dager siden

    At 80, this crochety dude finds it difficult to work with anyone.

  • Michael Wojcicki
    Michael Wojcicki7 dager siden

    Bernie sees in real time, that his socialist/communist policies do not work and his end is near.

  • Butterbumpkin


    4 dager siden

    @Michael Wojcicki then you’d obviously see that Bernie isn’t a communist. Like are we still in the Red Scare??? The biggest threat to the American way of life right now is nazism and white supremacy.

  • Michael Wojcicki

    Michael Wojcicki

    4 dager siden

    @Butterbumpkin Understand it, very well.

  • Butterbumpkin


    4 dager siden

    You don’t know what communism is do you Michael

  • Ramsay Bolton

    Ramsay Bolton

    5 dager siden

    Communism is when the government does stuff

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams7 dager siden

    I love how it’s treated as a joke that 90% of ppl in politics are only looking out for themselves and screwing over Americans for big pharma $$$

  • Steven Porras
    Steven Porras7 dager siden

    That’s my dog, Bernard Sanders!

  • MC Chamblin
    MC Chamblin7 dager siden

    What insurrection? If there was an insurrection, there would be hangings. What happened? Did I miss something? Certainly he could not be talking about his own people, or himself?

  • Barbara Eslick
    Barbara Eslick7 dager siden

    Bernie should be President

  • Gladius Cory Tran Phuong
    Gladius Cory Tran Phuong7 dager siden

    The fact that only now, ONLY NOW is he having trouble working with the people who supported the terrorist mob that TRIED TO OVERTHROW THE USA WITH VIOLENCE, speaks volumes about Bernie's incredible grit and professionalism. I'd be too disgusted to even be in the same room as them.

  • Ed Musto
    Ed Musto8 dager siden

    ‘Stephen Colbert interviews the guy who should be the president’

  • Muni Math by Peter Felton
    Muni Math by Peter Felton8 dager siden

    Bernie is better, brighter, bolder, realer, heartier, more hardworking, etc. etc. etc. than every other American politician currently in office from the top down.

  • Michael Hunter
    Michael Hunter8 dager siden

    Since when was it not difficult for him to work with him, even before the insurrection?

  • Gary Hopponen
    Gary Hopponen8 dager siden

    Manchi n suck get him to play the game instead of kissing ass

  • Dances WithTwins
    Dances WithTwins8 dager siden

    I’m glad Sleepy Joe did the smart thing and brought in so many of the other smart and talented people who competed for the nomination, as well as those who served under Obama. Cheeto Jesus claimed he would only hire the best and brightest, although many of his choices weren’t either of those things, then he ended up firing them for disagreeing with him or throwing them under a bus when there was a scandal. I wish the GOP would find the REAL, true Jesus, because the Cheeto Jesus just makes them crazier by the day. Instead of love for all their fellow man, all they have is hate in their hearts; instead of seeing the truth, their vision is obscured by webs of lies; instead of peace, their minds are full of vengeance, grievance and pettiness. I’m no holy roller, but the sickness within the GOP is directly correlated to their fealty to Cheeto Jesus.

  • outbacktrek
    outbacktrek8 dager siden

    (Y) bernie4president

  • Luke Staten
    Luke Staten8 dager siden

    Republicans are terrorists. Change my mind

  • Luke Staten

    Luke Staten

    8 dager siden

    I love comment baiting trump cultists:

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith9 dager siden

    It was just a "peaceful protest", Bernie.

  • Eleanor May
    Eleanor May9 dager siden

    I love Senator Bernie Sanders! He is such an amazing man, honest and hard working, he actually works for the people instead of himself!

  • Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer Smith

    9 dager siden

    seriously? what has Bernie ever done?

  • Demie Cazaux
    Demie Cazaux9 dager siden

    Amen...a decent human being who makes sense and whom u can understand.

  • Mitsos Boy
    Mitsos Boy9 dager siden

    Oncle Bernie, I love you!

  • Tiffany k
    Tiffany k9 dager siden

    Bernie has done more to shift the global collective mindset in a positive direction than any other human on the planet! Every time I hear him speak, my mood is elevated💕

  • Tiffany k
    Tiffany k9 dager siden

    I ❤ Bernie!

  • Shubham Bhushan
    Shubham Bhushan10 dager siden

    Feeling the Bern!

  • Walid Larkem
    Walid Larkem10 dager siden

    Socialism does not work

  • Andro Mando
    Andro Mando10 dager siden

    Can we get rid of the military budget yet XD

  • rowell669
    rowell66910 dager siden

    Bernie is popular because he is the real deal. He cares and it shows. We can feel it. He makes us feel like we matter. And nothing is more important than that. I love Bernie and I always will. He is president in my heart.

  • mplsgrrl 2021
    mplsgrrl 202110 dager siden

    Bernie showed the young people government needs to care.

  • Prophetess Carla
    Prophetess Carla10 dager siden

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  • D'ran Dana
    D'ran Dana10 dager siden

    No thank you, you absolute legend.

  • V Uisce
    V Uisce11 dager siden

    Watching the USA from afar, but have to say, Good old Bernie Saunders! It's thrilling to know he is being heard by younger people and that they appreciate the message.

  • Barbara Dellis
    Barbara Dellis11 dager siden

    Sanders is a political futurist with a vision of a MUCH better tomorrow! Bless him and may he live long...

  • Erika Driscoll
    Erika Driscoll11 dager siden

    Bernie is a genuine humane human working in politics, a unicorn! He deserves more than being the flipping chairman of the budget committee! With that said, time to TAX THE RICH baby! Maybe that is why the Elite are trying so hard to promote digital money, another way to further hide and protect their wealth.

  • Kevin Blier
    Kevin Blier11 dager siden

    It is absolutely amazing that Sanders and the MSM continue with the charade of the "Big Lie"! The fact that dems cheat in elections goes back 150 years, they are the party of corruption going back to Tammany Hall, and the evidence from 2020is overwhelming...just no court would take the time to look at the evidence! Let's wait and see what the audit in Arizona finds...

    SHELDON JOSEPH11 dager siden

    We love Bernie

  • nathan ferron
    nathan ferron11 dager siden

    Wonder why the DNC wouldn't let you run Bernie? Why oh why do we have to get Biden instead? Everyone knows you would have killed Trump and literally the entire world would be better off.

  • Bubby Redmon
    Bubby Redmon11 dager siden

    I don't know how he ever worked with any republican idiots.

  • Parajulis
    Parajulis11 dager siden

    the younger generation appreciates bernie; the struggles been real for awhile now

  • Terry McKernan
    Terry McKernan11 dager siden

    Must be getting close there starting to panic🗽

  • bloomsandbeams
    bloomsandbeams11 dager siden

    King shit. If America has a conscience, Bernie is it.

  • jean reynolds
    jean reynolds11 dager siden

    God bless you, Bernie and may you live for very long time: the country needs you.

  • Claiming Light
    Claiming Light11 dager siden

    It's time for a moderate party. We need to unite under the banner of putting America in a stable, intelligent place. Let's forget about policy for a bit. Let's try to be a country that supports the vote, dismisses twitter outrage, condemns insurrection and returns to evidence-based justice.

  • Megan
    Megan11 dager siden

    love when you have bernie on!!

  • Kimberly Owens
    Kimberly Owens12 dager siden

    HAND TO GOD🙏🏿, this morning 5/5/2021, with my UBER driver we got into a current events discussion that culminated into his opinion that the POWERS TO BE WERE TOO OLD TO PROPERLY RUN THE COUNTRY. He ran off a list of who was talking about and yes we all know the names anyway, he got to Bernie Sanders and in my mind I switched to him remembering the conversation I had with my child at a stop light while she was driving me to work some time after the 2020 election. I cant quote it but I said, yada...yada and Bernie Sanders said yada,,, yada my CHILD "what, what what did UNCLE BERNIE SAY!! I'm looking at my child like she had 2 heads. " what do you know about Bernie Sanders? She runs off yada, yada and by the time we got to the next stop light my mind went to OBAMA'S DROP THE MIC EXIT BANQUET. During that he committed about family relationships and he stated and no I can't quote it but his oldest child STEPPED to him over a concert she wanted to go to which he disapproved of. Anyway , apparently she got the courage to do that from UNCLE BERNIE and OBAMA knew it. Barack relayed this incident and turned the evil eye on Uncle Bernie because his child said , I'm Sick of Presidents Running My Life!! where did she get that from, UNCLE BERNIE and he sat at his table with a grin from ear to ear and eyes sparkling like SANTA. So we get to next red light and my child looks at me like I'm the one with the 2 heads, "SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY, MA YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT UNCLE BERNIE IS ABOUT" . Well of course I do but let her ENLIGHTEN ME. Anyway those were my thoughts until my UBER driver stated "Bernie Sanders, really not only is he old but he is loud and belligerent and SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY WHO CAN HE RELATE TO HIM". I stated the ," YOUTH " . What?? According to my 27 year old daughter Young People Love Uncle Bernie...... Well now we know why. Bernie Sanders realizes that young people know what they want and know what changes have to be made to protect their future and he LISTENS to what THEY HAVE TO SAY. He respects their opinions and Apparently Draws Motivation from Them. He brings fresh, youthful ideas to address age old problems to the table then slices through the Bullshit and gets right to the heart of the problem. YOU GO UNCLE BERNIE!!!👍🏾👏🏿

  • Jonney Silver
    Jonney Silver12 dager siden

    How dare you Bernie talking about undermining democracy when you support the biggest power grab in America: Court packing, busting the filibuster, banning voter ID nationwide, spreading ballot harvesting nationwide, DC statehood ...etc You ignore all of this, then complain about Georgea common-sense voting law. HIPOCRISY!! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE INDEPENDENT!!!

  • Jonney Silver
    Jonney Silver12 dager siden

    Why all the hypocrisy Stephen? What about all the democrats who voted against certifying the 2016 election. I don't hear you calling them out for spreading a BIG LIE.

  • Jonney Silver
    Jonney Silver12 dager siden

    Well maybe if you acted really independent and not a dem toy they'd work with you.

  • Sophie Oshaughnessy
    Sophie Oshaughnessy12 dager siden

    Kicky tie, Bernie! Hang in there❤️

  • Kanji Story
    Kanji Story12 dager siden

    Bernie for president!!!

  • Max Bryson
    Max Bryson12 dager siden

    My name is Stephen Colbert, and this show is sponsored by the DNC.

  • j
    j12 dager siden

    Not all superheros wear capes or lie and threaten world domination to force people conform with injustice and suffering. Some just have a lot of love, strong conviction, painstaking patience, their sharp words, and better yet, a democracy

  • Herr von Boi
    Herr von Boi12 dager siden

    i almost cried. bernie is golden!

  • tdm123
    tdm12312 dager siden

    Platitudes, platitudes, platitudes...

  • Raphael Rettner D.C.
    Raphael Rettner D.C.12 dager siden

    Hi come we never hear about Bernie's time he served in the army as a colonel? aka Colonel Sanders

  • Leonard Collins
    Leonard Collins12 dager siden

    Don't understand we giving non citizens more than citizens new York want to give people from the border 15,000 dollars if they come too new York what about citizens in New York and anywhere else 1400 don't add up

  • Jimmy Hirr
    Jimmy Hirr12 dager siden

    It's hard to work with senators who supported the insurrection? Imagine how hard it is to work with a senator that whines about how the DNC is rigged against him whenever he loses a primary.

  • BioMutarist
    BioMutarist12 dager siden

    He's a true national US treasure, you guys deserve to be proud of your new Chairman of the Budget Committee. Bern on Bernie, Bern on.

  • Cat's Meow
    Cat's Meow12 dager siden

    Love Bernie. He is TRULY a man of the people!

  • D Legionnaire
    D Legionnaire12 dager siden


  • Cheryl Cascone
    Cheryl Cascone12 dager siden

    How can anyone work with this Republican trumpisum regime, holding our Democracy hostage with these lies, conspiracies, , racism and division. This is a nightmare for the American People.

  • Comrade Rob
    Comrade Rob13 dager siden

    I love Bernie

  • jjohn4874
    jjohn487413 dager siden

    Then censor Pelosi and Schumer... they were behind it!! The knew about it and arranged to let Antifa and BLM in! And in addition they short staffed the Police Dept. and had the Capital Security wave people in!! It was NOT Trump supporters, they were still watching Trump speak at his rally!! Just stop the lies, asshole!!!

  • Frog Man
    Frog Man13 dager siden

    Stephen colbert to host meme review

  • gagatube
    gagatube13 dager siden

    Senator Sanders - America's greatest political figure of the 21st century to date. 👏👏👏

  • Eric Navarre
    Eric Navarre13 dager siden

    This man spent his life serving the public and is still inspired by the people, is decent, and has kept his integrity. That is the definition of a politician.

  • cortarelva
    cortarelva13 dager siden

    Having that child imprisoner Amy klobuchar as a guest made me lose all respect for this show. Goodbye.

  • mhkpt
    mhkpt13 dager siden

    The elephant in the room isn't Reublicans like Cruz or Hawley, it's "Democrats" like Manchin and Sinema who gleefully vote down an increase in the minimum wage and stand in the way of increasing taxes on the rich, who have been positively raking it in during this pandemic, to pay for the economic recovery. If you haven't, watch the video of Kyrsten Sinema almost DANCING as she votes down the minimum wage increase. Sickening.

  • Jon Turnbull
    Jon Turnbull13 dager siden

    Still bagging on this man the left just don't stop must be so exhausting fighting for something and getting now where. The fact Politicians are on late not talk shows really shows the sad start of late night comedy. Sad Sad Country the United States definitely not the land of the free or home of the brave 😜🤣

  • gigi stoner
    gigi stoner13 dager siden

    I was reading an article while listening to this: "DNC gathers opposition research over 20 potential GOP candidates." Talk about what nightmares are made of! Making the list: Trump, Ron DeSantis, Tucker Carlson, Mike Lindell, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Rick Scott, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo

  • Just Another Rich Kid
    Just Another Rich Kid13 dager siden

    Bernie’s the man.

  • Wayne T
    Wayne T13 dager siden

    Sss-senator socialist sanders,must be smoking crack to vote or listen to this man.

  • Pjay Pender
    Pjay Pender13 dager siden

    Who's this "we" Senator Sanders? You're only a Democrat when you want to use us to run for President.

  • Joanne S.
    Joanne S.13 dager siden

    I love Bernie 💕💕💕

  • Imad Gailani
    Imad Gailani13 dager siden

    This man is great ! I feel so happy when I hear him talk. Thank you senator for everything you do for the good of this country.

  • Enjoy Life
    Enjoy Life13 dager siden

    Viejo loco ... give it a couple of years you will be gone for good .. can’t wait

  • Malibu Moon
    Malibu Moon13 dager siden

    Sanders finds it difficult to work. Period.

  • S J
    S J13 dager siden

    Seeing Bernie's passion for people makes me choke with emotion....♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Jim Miller
    Jim Miller13 dager siden

    Repu blicans don't compromise. deplorables

  • A YM
    A YM13 dager siden

    Long live Sen. Sanders. What an inspiring, intelligent, compassionate, courageous and beautiful human being. Much love....