John Oliver Takes The Colbert Questionert


Can Stephen Colbert penetrate the mind and soul of John Oliver and find out his true character? He can with his 15-question quiz in this edition of The Colbert Questionert! #Colbert #JohnOliver #TheColbertQuestionert
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  • Myras Clarks
    Myras Clarks7 minutter siden

    The quack birthday acly clap because raincoat cellularly x-ray times a direful eight. awesome, devilish feeling

  • Mark Ronda
    Mark Ronda3 timer siden

    Great Escape is arguably more sad than Saving Private Ryan...and less action.

  • Brody Allsep
    Brody Allsep4 timer siden

    "Still in this blank void."

  • Puppy Lover
    Puppy Lover17 timer siden

    Colbert has aged quite a bit probably because all the bull shit the left has done to ruin the country getting to him finally

  • Megan
    MeganDag siden

    this was fantastic

  • Aubrey Delafield
    Aubrey DelafieldDag siden

    It's adorable how similar they look now XD

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry JohnsonDag siden

    Can we just have Colbert and Oliver sit down and talk about things they are passionate about. These two have done enough for us! Just retire and bs with eachother. Also, play DnD? EDit...these two are perfect....Colbert just improvs off a Oppenheimer quote.

  • Rbbrchckn
    RbbrchcknDag siden

    Big John Oliver fan, but he failed that test. It’s Colbert, so even if you don’t think it scariest animal is a bear. Action movie? Megaforce starring Barry Bostwick - riding a flying motorcycle that shoots bottle rockets while he’s in a silver spandex uniform. Best sandwich? Croque monsieur. Bread, ham and 3 pounds of melted cheese. 1 song rest of your life? Band Maid - Puzzle. 5 words describing rest of your life? Listening to Band Maid Puzzle.

  • Alex Ortiz
    Alex OrtizDag siden

    The nippy appendix trivially help because curler prospectively whirl despite a ill string. loud, massive china

  • PrometheusV
    PrometheusVDag siden

    So they unleashed Covid just to stop those two people having dinner together... What are they hiding? Are both of them on one table so funny that they can bring down any country they want? Make infinite money? Invent something so awesome they become gods?

  • Danniella Avl
    Danniella AvlDag siden

    We want more!

  • Rob
    Rob2 dager siden

    These 2 idiots LMAOOOO

  • Philip Leworthy
    Philip Leworthy2 dager siden

    Love you, John Oliver. But Andy Dibble is Welsh.

  • William Jacobs
    William Jacobs3 dager siden

    I get the Wawa trip. I drove my daughter 2 hours away to a camping trip just so we could breakfast at Shoney's. She didn't know Rick Sanchez's emotional home was an actual place.

  • Orestes Kyriakos Poulakis
    Orestes Kyriakos Poulakis3 dager siden

    42 wasn't the answer? It should have been, it's the answer to life the universe and everything

  • Ciaran
    Ciaran3 dager siden

    we were trying to have dinner with eachother.......AND our wives. (phew saved)

  • semievilsquirrel
    semievilsquirrel3 dager siden

    I didn't know how unusual we Americans' peanut butter usage was until I met an honest Brit who asked me what the deal with that was. So it's really funny to hear John mention it.

  • Roxanna Weaver
    Roxanna Weaver3 dager siden

    You can put peanut butter on anything - but should you???

  • K.C. Huffman
    K.C. Huffman3 dager siden

    In 1995 I spent a month in London/Dublin as part of a study abroad trip. We had our meals at the same restaurant as part of the package. One night the waiter announced he would be serving dessert in a few minutes and we were all excited to see whether it would be better than the Tiramisu we had the night before. He brought each of us an apple. Not a caramel apple, not a sliced apple with peanut butter, just a plain red apple. For dessert. The British and their views on apples is concerning.

  • Dino Steaks
    Dino Steaks3 dager siden

    Both satanic mouthpieces.

  • mbnb bcvg
    mbnb bcvg4 dager siden

    The round cycle atypically unpack because breath aboaly delight save a onerous cheque. craven, lively collar

  • Elizabeth Brignac
    Elizabeth Brignac4 dager siden

    DIE HARD. That's the best action movie. Clearly.

  • Shetal Maharaj
    Shetal Maharaj4 dager siden

    I wish for the full version of this interview!!! These 2 are my fav combo!

  • Aman
    Aman4 dager siden

    For real this one night I was starving and the only thing I had was apples and peanut butter. You can guess what happened next

  • Amy Kelly
    Amy Kelly4 dager siden

    I love these two together.

  • James Runco
    James Runco4 dager siden

    Dear Steven, I love you. That being said, you must come to understand that Wawa sandwiches are high quality. It's not some sketchy 7/11 style terrorfood. Wawa started as a dairy and still sells their own milk. Their fresh fruits, veggies, and made to order foods are nearly all excellent! So is there coffee! #WawaForever

  • Frank Thorne
    Frank Thorne5 dager siden

    War movie = action movie but not all action movies are war movies.

  • Scare Mang
    Scare Mang5 dager siden

    7:29 this sound 😂 😂 😂

  • David Stinnett
    David Stinnett5 dager siden

    What happens when we die: eternal TV static. Not nothing in the sense of blackness, nothing in the sense of no awareness or meaning

  • David Stinnett
    David Stinnett5 dager siden

    I wish this show leaned more into the Stephen Colbert character I grew up with....

  • Andrew Neve
    Andrew Neve5 dager siden

    Edited down to 13 questions out of the 15. We will never know his favourite app or whether exercise is worth it? Guessing IMBD and No.

  • Marge Teilhaber
    Marge Teilhaber5 dager siden

    Stephen has had, it seems, all Daily Show alumni on his show except Samantha Bee. Also Jason Jones. Both funny. I think they'd be good guests. Anyone know why?

  • Caged
    Caged5 dager siden

    The number 42 is, in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.

  • pepe the frog poops on right wingers
    pepe the frog poops on right wingers5 dager siden

    i tend to go for sweet bacon and crispy tomatoes on a BLT and i get it from a stranger at the bus stop :3

  • Ana OS
    Ana OS6 dager siden

    Favorite action movie: all John Wick movies. Yep, that’s right.

  • Daniel Pardejo
    Daniel Pardejo6 dager siden

    Did Jon Oliver did the Jon Cena hand move at the end??? 🤔

  • aaa aaa
    aaa aaa6 dager siden

    Wow, a British criticising an American about food

  • Dan Ceteras
    Dan Ceteras6 dager siden

    It was Andy Dibble's birthday a few days ago. Happy birthday, Mr. Dibble!

  • Tomas Beblar
    Tomas Beblar6 dager siden

    42 is always the right answer

  • Do no harm
    Do no harm6 dager siden

    I knew someone who ate peanut butter/banana sandwichs.

  • Honey Flower
    Honey Flower6 dager siden

    "It's a good marriage if most days are fine." ~Stephen Colbert 2021

  • Troy Kitchens
    Troy Kitchens6 dager siden

    I knew John would go into detail. So British lol

  • Sandra Shevey
    Sandra Shevey6 dager siden

    Do you think you exude hyper masculine aggressiveness?

  • Sandra Shevey
    Sandra Shevey6 dager siden

    The most American thing I ever have heard you say. Most of us hate peanut butter and to put it on an apple. ORANGES for crissakes!

  • Harb Chan
    Harb Chan7 dager siden

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but did I see Stephen in an episode of Law & Order? If not it was his body double :)

  • attilaa
    attilaa7 dager siden

    I lost it at Stephen‘s reaction after John‘s answer at 9:45

  • Alec Hart
    Alec Hart7 dager siden

    Need more Questionerts!

  • Cheryl Sibson
    Cheryl Sibson7 dager siden

    Walla Walla onions are from Washinton state someone who was an essential worker must have driven them to NYC and to Vancouver, BC Canada thank you for all the essential workers, delivery workers, nurses, hospital staff who clean hospitals, thank you for all workers who work so hard for all of us to help keep us safe.

  • LeavingIt Blank
    LeavingIt Blank7 dager siden

    I noticed he didn't ask John about exercise.

  • TheRuns2
    TheRuns27 dager siden

    My last answer was the same as his.

  • David Huson
    David Huson7 dager siden

    I just hady first Wawa sub and it was absolutely amazing!

  • Sharona Maynard
    Sharona Maynard8 dager siden

    John got the number I was thinking of

  • John Digiovanni
    John Digiovanni8 dager siden

    Duckbill platypus

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H8 dager siden

    The song Hypotheticals by the band Lake Street Dive was likely inspired by Jeanna Lee Steinmann of the FBI, who is stalking me. I find the lyrics abhorrent and the song an offense. DH of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Will be reporting to CIA, DARPA and German Intel. No joke. POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION. Another friend, Sara, would go jogging with Jeanna and is represented in the band's song Sarah. She agrees with this statement and as a university professor, is not a gullible person. Jeanna works in Brooklyn Center, MN for the FBI. Please see video of officer Kim Potter murdering Daunte Wright of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

  • raze83
    raze838 dager siden

  • Harmonie Cat
    Harmonie Cat8 dager siden

    WaWa is amazing.

  • Monshin
    Monshin8 dager siden

    John looks like he's about to drop a rap album and colbert looks like a divorced dad.

  • Nick Carlozzi
    Nick Carlozzi8 dager siden

    Yes, you SHOULD put peanut butter on an apple

  • Hammond Exclusive Listings
    Hammond Exclusive Listings8 dager siden

    an apple is a spoon for peanut butter!

    IM KITTI8 dager siden

    ♥️ I have no Fuc@kig idea!

  • veronica ruth
    veronica ruth8 dager siden

    I feel seen

  • sandy roberts-anderson
    sandy roberts-anderson8 dager siden

    Dibble may be “the most British of names”, but as a child in Australia I had a classmate named Peter Ramsbottom...that must be the most Aussie name

  • Domen Bremec

    Domen Bremec

    Dag siden

    Wonder how they got that surname...

  • CC Silverwolf
    CC Silverwolf9 dager siden

    Spoiler: Covid-19 was believed to have come from Pangolins.

  • S B
    S B9 dager siden

    One song..." what's going on" by Marvin Gaye

  • Project Tomorrow
    Project Tomorrow9 dager siden

    10:20 great job John . I love Ashes to Ashes. very stoney song. great three note lead in. and .. ' my momma said to get things done you better not mess with Major Tom '

  • Mary-Beth Beirne
    Mary-Beth Beirne9 dager siden

    Are you aware that peanut butter is mostly replaced by President Bush in the captions

  • Donald Boyd
    Donald Boyd9 dager siden

    I would like to know why peanut butter is translated in the closed captions as "President Bush"?? Does the person doing the closed captions think of President Bush when they hear the words "peanut butter"?

  • reflectsonlife
    reflectsonlife9 dager siden

    The only difference btwn these 2 gentlemen is the accent. Their faces are identical.

  • Michael Lochlann
    Michael Lochlann9 dager siden

    You spelled it wrong, it's spelled Steven Colbairre.

  • Betul
    Betul9 dager siden

    the silence after “a not great egg” took me out for some reason

  • Dallas
    Dallas9 dager siden

    Well, this was just great. Loved every minute of it, and I would adore watching these two have dinner.

  • Clarabeatriz
    Clarabeatriz9 dager siden

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    Rodriguez Zapatero

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    Beau Mikey

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    Beau Mikey

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    Adonis Kye

    9 dager siden

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  • ori omessi
    ori omessi9 dager siden

    Bio - Narcissism. How lovely.

  • James Carlisle
    James Carlisle9 dager siden

    I love Ashes to Ashes, but Heroes. Definitely Heroes.

  • Rainbow
    Rainbow9 dager siden

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  • Brian Love
    Brian Love9 dager siden

    Cannot watch these guys anymore they just do proganda....

  • MrLoobu
    MrLoobu10 dager siden

    Yo that budwiser commercial is bullshit, they all know exactly what they are doing and throw it in our faces.

  • stuart taylor
    stuart taylor10 dager siden

    I understand John saying that he is British and so has built a wall to surround his thoughts and feelings. But hasn't he become an American citizen? I assume that he had to undergo training of some sort to make him fit in.

  • Rodney Huckaba
    Rodney Huckaba10 dager siden

    The home depot online is not a good place to order a mower. paid for one 3 weeks ago and cant reach anyone that knows anything about it . called home depot 10 times called Pape' John Deere. in sandpoint a week ago and they said they had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. they lied. it's been sitting there for 3 weeks. still dont have my mower.

  • Wim De Cock
    Wim De Cock10 dager siden

    "The next pandemic might well come from a pangolin", John Oliver during a pandemic likely caused by interaction between a pangolin and a bat. I guess people really focused on the bat part and ignored the pangolin. Then again bats are also really big disease vectors.

  • DLaxation


    7 dager siden

    And the Pangolins are sold and eaten on the wet market in China right?

  • Rhea P
    Rhea P10 dager siden

    My response to apple vs. oranges is oranges, because oranges don't need peanut butter...

  • SaltPyramids
    SaltPyramids10 dager siden


  • irvingsgarp
    irvingsgarp10 dager siden

    I totally lost it at "A not great egg."

  • Stevespecs
    Stevespecs10 dager siden

    More nonsense, say no to drugs.

  • Kaitlyn Rainville
    Kaitlyn Rainville10 dager siden

    me thinking about the best sandwich: ooh probably wawa for me john: my go to is a blt me: alright that’s fair john: ….. from wawa *audible gasp*

  • Kashi Go Lean
    Kashi Go Lean10 dager siden

    John Oliver is HAWTT! 🥵

  • Fred Trunce
    Fred Trunce10 dager siden

    What number am I thinking of? 42 John is a man of culture I see

  • Sean Cook
    Sean Cook10 dager siden

    I long to be important enough to be asked these questions.

  • Cornelius Thompson
    Cornelius Thompson10 dager siden

    John Oliver is a fake. Pretend to be surfacing facts but instead spreading misinformation and false accusations.

  • mystery8guy
    mystery8guy10 dager siden

    5:05 some watched the new South Park

  • Daniel Heim
    Daniel Heim10 dager siden

    So in saving private Ryan, private Ryan lost? I thought we won against the Nazis :0

  • Ethan
    Ethan10 dager siden

    Best sandwich: Cubano HANDS DOWN

  • Cassie
    Cassie10 dager siden

    Now I just want a wawa apple and peanut butter cup

  • MN Heintzelman
    MN Heintzelman10 dager siden

    Please, Wawa is famous for its cold cuts and sandwiches . . . being one of those truly aggravating "foodie types", even I have and will again, eat a Wawa sandwich. No shame.

  • Charlie Latino
    Charlie Latino10 dager siden


  • Kyle Hynes
    Kyle Hynes10 dager siden

    I love John Oliver making a joke about pangolins starting a new pandemic when they may have done as well with this one...

  • Charles Kilgore
    Charles Kilgore10 dager siden

    I laughed out loud, because everytime they said "Peanut Butter" the closed captioning said "President Bush." So they were arguing about putting President Bush on an apple.

  • Cameron Krause
    Cameron Krause10 dager siden

    how about a Rueben Sandwich? A BLT-eesh only a Brit would pick that.

  • G B
    G B10 dager siden

    Beethoven's Ninth. Any other song I like is way too short to hear over and over and over and over again.

  • Teil Astorga
    Teil Astorga10 dager siden

    I love Oliver normally, and now even more. 42 is the answer to life, happiness, and the everything. Literally, 42 is DOS for *. Douglas Adam was a programmer before an author. * is the wild card of programming.