Inside the Hill demands impeachment for Biden's attack on the rich


Inside The Hill breaks down Biden's first joint address to Congress including his wealth tax, the American Jobs Plan, and immigration reform with guest Sen. Alex Padilla. Plus, the raid on Rudy Giuliani by the FBI.
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Clip air date 4/29/2021
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  • Joyce Duncan
    Joyce Duncan8 timer siden

    Just think how ludicrous it is: Republicans are fighting so that Mega rich: judges, professional athletes, entertainers, directors, Wall Street titans... don't pay more in taxes.

  • Victor E
    Victor E2 dager siden

    Being a politician is the only job in which you don't have to have any competence or skill to have.

  • MJ Maccabee
    MJ Maccabee4 dager siden

    Love the series, which is brilliantly written, but this woman co-host character and the female host of Virtue Signal make my ears bleed..

  • Michael McGinley
    Michael McGinley4 dager siden

    Eat the Rich

  • mike kunnecke
    mike kunnecke6 dager siden

    Of course Trickle Down works, just ask any offshore banker in the Caribbean

  • terryq5150
    terryq51507 dager siden

    TQ.. A Big Reciprocating Saw!

  • Tvbox5551973 Finnan
    Tvbox5551973 Finnan7 dager siden

    So this is what it's like to watch FOX?

  • Gianluca Zizzari
    Gianluca Zizzari7 dager siden

    Admit who is satoshi.

  • Taylor Reeves
    Taylor Reeves7 dager siden

    4 years? You mean my entire life?

  • Michael Lastre
    Michael Lastre7 dager siden

    Hey Steven, why are you waiting for them to tell you that you have to pay your fair share? Yup cause you're a virtue signaling hypocrite

  • Deacon Frost
    Deacon Frost8 dager siden


  • Serge Somborac
    Serge Somborac8 dager siden

    "Working from home, we don't even work from work!" Sounds like anybody in the Trump Administration.

  • Freedman’s Channel
    Freedman’s Channel9 dager siden

    Is everyone in this thread really loving this Biden and BLM administration?

  • Frozen Bean
    Frozen Bean9 dager siden

    Good ol joe biden :)

  • JR Blackstar
    JR Blackstar9 dager siden

    The thumbnail.......👎👎👎 Make jokes of a different nature. This is in poor taste.

  • GrimJerr
    GrimJerr11 dager siden

    the billionaires using the Nations infrastructure to line their pockets selling us everything under the Sun, don't want to pay for the infrastructure that allows them to become even richer.

  • Platinum Dragonslayer
    Platinum Dragonslayer12 dager siden

    This show is literally just Republicans in animated form.

  • ChainsGone2012
    ChainsGone201212 dager siden

    "Immigration is how we provide poor people with their new enemies." perfect line

  • senselocke
    senselocke12 dager siden

    "Immigration is how we get poor people new enemies" →→ This line is brilliant!

  • Associates & GIvens
    Associates & GIvens12 dager siden

    TOTN Does It Again! “We watched the old Joint Address To Congress last night or as I call it Rich People’s 9/11!” “Take it easy Rick! Immigration is how we provide poor people with their new enemies!” Good Job Team!

  • Malivoo
    Malivoo12 dager siden

    These parodies aren't funny because this actually happens every day on Fox News.

  • Anton Pillow
    Anton Pillow12 dager siden

    Good Lord!!! These writers are just STRAIGHT HILARIOUS!! AWARDS in the making, if they haven't already received several...

  • Fifthelement203
    Fifthelement20312 dager siden

    That last joke at the end was epic 😂😂

  • rswfire
    rswfire13 dager siden

    I don't know how anyone can find this entertaining.

  • FlankyFrankie
    FlankyFrankie13 dager siden

    Say it with me: The 1% should pay *at least* 99% of the taxes.

  • Kika
    Kika13 dager siden

    "Trickle down economics failed? You only gave it 40 years" Gold stuff 😆

  • colaboytje
    colaboytje13 dager siden

    Holy war? Really?

  • Jd Dunlap
    Jd Dunlap13 dager siden

    Depraved rich people, funny but not funny ha, ha?

  • Jd Dunlap
    Jd Dunlap13 dager siden

    Satire 👍 not just for breakfast anymore!

  • Ivy Bee
    Ivy Bee13 dager siden

    Tooning out the news is such more funnier than I realized 🤣

  • Johnny Rainbow
    Johnny Rainbow14 dager siden

    As a foreigner trickle down economics not only sounds disgusting but also demeaning

  • cindee D
    cindee D14 dager siden

    The only trickle down theory coming from Trump is rolling down his ill fitting pants leg.

  • Josh Nabours
    Josh Nabours14 dager siden

    From start to end the writing in this is top teir!

  • UBI-For-Life 3K-A-Month
    UBI-For-Life 3K-A-Month15 dager siden

    USA 🇺🇸 prays for UBI ( Anti - Poverty Bill ) Of $3,000/Month tax free for life to all poor citizens! The first $36,000/Year is tax free to lift everyone out of poverty and eradicate homelessness and labor exploitation! Flat tax of 3% after $36,001 and up to $100,000. Flat tax of 7% of $100,001 and up to $400,000. Flat tax of 11% of $400,001 and up to $1 million. Flat tax of 15% of $1 million and up to $11 million. Then to eradicate and punish greed; a massive tax of 55% anything over $11 million! Goal is to purge extreme greed and greed will increase UBI structure...

  • UBI-For-Life 3K-A-Month
    UBI-For-Life 3K-A-Month15 dager siden

    USA 🇺🇸 prays for UBI ( Anti - Poverty Bill ) Of $3,000/Month tax free for life to all poor citizens! The first $36,000/Year is tax free to lift everyone out of poverty and eradicate homelessness and labor exploitation! Flat tax of 3% after $36,001 and up to $100,000. Flat tax of 7% of $100,001 and up to $400,000. Flat tax of 11% of $400,001 and up to $1 million. Flat tax of 15% of $1 million and up to $11 million. Then to eradicate and punish greed; a massive tax of 55% anything over $11 million! Goal is to purge extreme greed and greed will increase UBI structure...

  • Robert Skoglund
    Robert Skoglund15 dager siden

    There is going to be a civil war.

  • Something Clever
    Something Clever15 dager siden

    This is top notch satire lmao

  • David MacCannell
    David MacCannell15 dager siden

    The plan to tax the rich more is fine and dandy. I want to hear the plan to make sure they pay those taxes without raising the prices of what makes them rich.

  • Kevin
    Kevin15 dager siden

    Since when did they start animating foxnews?

  • Margaret Lambert
    Margaret Lambert15 dager siden

    The women's voices are so annoying! I can't listen anymore.

  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez15 dager siden

    Raise taxes on the rich so the government has more money to waste.

  • Herman ten Klooster
    Herman ten Klooster15 dager siden

    An adult speaking to congress. It's been four years since we had that.

  • TheRealRevelation
    TheRealRevelation15 dager siden

    This country was built on slavery, not immigration.

  • Angelica A
    Angelica A15 dager siden

    Infinite pothole- did you mean Florida?

  • Leo Solor
    Leo Solor15 dager siden

    I laughed the whole way through

  • Bill Simons
    Bill Simons16 dager siden

    Well if we can't tax the rich, let's eat em.

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C16 dager siden

    I laughed the whole way through

  • Richard Zippler
    Richard Zippler17 dager siden

    Who are these people you are parody. They need to be hunted down and killed .

  • Joe Weis
    Joe Weis17 dager siden


  • AJ Rimmer
    AJ Rimmer17 dager siden

    The American Jobs Plan is a Blue Collar, Blueprint, for a prosperous Blue/Green America.

  • Summer Brewster

    Summer Brewster

    13 dager siden

    Make America Turquoise Again

  • Maribel Caudillo
    Maribel Caudillo17 dager siden

    elon musk and jeff bezos spending millions to start life in Mars when humans do not have safety drinking water! Alas!

  • Thatis Myjam

    Thatis Myjam

    14 dager siden much fresh water we shit in it!

  • Steve Holmes
    Steve Holmes17 dager siden

    Why do the decendants of immigrants fixate on immigrants ?

  • Learn Bahasa Indonesia
    Learn Bahasa Indonesia17 dager siden

    "I'd say this is Giuliani's 9/11 but I don't see how he'll profit off it." Wow! Right on point.

  • Rose Jensen
    Rose Jensen17 dager siden

    Oh please get real

  • nelsonta00
    nelsonta0017 dager siden

    I hope the cartoon series doesn't end when social distancing ends. This is the closest thing we'll ever get to Colbert Report.

  • thermo dynamics
    thermo dynamics17 dager siden

    Some of the writing in these is so sharp.

  • Billy Lantigua
    Billy Lantigua17 dager siden

    I love these cartoon news people

  • Michael
    Michael17 dager siden

    Rudy Giuliani: "I had hair dye in my eyes, so I didn't do or see any crimes I was committing".

  • BlueBaron3339
    BlueBaron333917 dager siden

    Wow - these are always clever but this one truly had an edge to it 😂 🤣

  • TheRegalKnight
    TheRegalKnight17 dager siden

    XD love this show feels the unwanted politics.... with a kick of funny things... yes lol "id say this is julianis 9/11, but i just dont see how he's gonna profit off of it." just good.

  • MMB628 Jr
    MMB628 Jr17 dager siden

    That ending comment was a Mic Drop if I ever heard one lmao... Straight Foul!!!

  • MMB628 Jr
    MMB628 Jr17 dager siden

    the ppl that make this are Gold!!!

  • Samuel Stone
    Samuel Stone17 dager siden

    Whatever conditioner they be using, its working.

  • Smoothly Amusing
    Smoothly Amusing17 dager siden

    Its call the we the government speech where he introduced fascist America idea where patriots are the worst terrorists and cancer gets cured.

  • Din Sel
    Din Sel17 dager siden

    "Working from home? We don't even work from work!".. FRIGGIN GOLD

  • coreyinprogress
    coreyinprogress17 dager siden

    Ha! The "stupid son rejected by duke" line almost made me spit-take. I had a lady tell me immigrants were to blame for her daughter not being a doctor. Daughter failed out of undergrad as a sophomore....

  • Joyce Duncan

    Joyce Duncan

    8 timer siden

    "Racism covers white mediocrity." - Toni Morrison

  • Mary Doty

    Mary Doty

    11 dager siden

    They probably did by being smarting than she is and having a work ethic, haha.

  • coreyinprogress


    17 dager siden

    @Velvet Thunder Yeah, she's telling me all this, I nicely ask where the daughter was going, the lady tells me and I'm like "oh, I didn't think they had a medical school". Lady was mostly pissed about Cuomo's free SUNY tuition to kids of families making less than 125k. She was convinced that big bad immigrants were using up the program and that somehow they were responsible for her kid failing out of a private institution and not being a doctor. Can't fix stupid!

  • Velvet Thunder

    Velvet Thunder

    17 dager siden

    All those smart immigrants coming from poor countries, struggling to survive in a foreign country, learning a new language and culture, writing entrance exams and attending interviews all the while competing with her dumb daughter who probably spend all her time tik toking or sleeping... It's a scam..

  • Rebecca Dolashewich
    Rebecca Dolashewich17 dager siden

    #AmericanHistory101✨🦅🗽🇺🇸✨ PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE!! When servers in Texas pay all of their paychecks to the IRS, how do the wealthiest American oligarchs think they are superior to their fellow American citizens?! #GETOUT

  • Liz Thor-Larsen
    Liz Thor-Larsen17 dager siden

    "Good luck with that one, asshole." - she's very funny

  • Dilsad Meraler
    Dilsad Meraler17 dager siden

    I love the senator’s hopeless try to be serious 🧐

  • Shannon Jacobs
    Shannon Jacobs17 dager siden

    Funny, but MUST #FixTheFilibuster first. How about a 55% population-based cloture rule? But the Democrats represent >55% of the voters. Presto chango, no more filibusters. #BlockTheBlockheads #EndTheFilibuster

  • Kontrol49 Y
    Kontrol49 Y17 dager siden

    How will he profit? He will write a book which the GOP and FOX will successfully market to their herd.

  • Jason Swaby
    Jason Swaby17 dager siden

    I dunno who is responsible for these, but they aren’t getting paid enough. These toon skits are amazing ❤️❤️

  • zeitGGeist


    17 dager siden

    “Stephen Colbert’s Tooning Out the News”

  • Jeff Hickey
    Jeff Hickey17 dager siden

    It's well over due .The 40 years of corporate welfare is over!!!

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist17 dager siden

    "The American Jobs Plan is a Blue-Collar blueprint to build America." 🤨 You hear that? Biden reveals his plan to turn America _blue._

  • Doris Faust
    Doris Faust17 dager siden

    Our soldiers are going to need jobs.

  • Vicki Bertrand

    Vicki Bertrand

    17 dager siden

    Arizona begging for workers everywhere u go.

  • Doris Faust
    Doris Faust17 dager siden

    Don't you mean trickle on?

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte
    Napoléon I Bonaparte17 dager siden

    GQP will freak out that their donors will be getting taxed the same as the Bush era.

  • Awol Peace
    Awol Peace17 dager siden

    Why can't you ll just start owning other people's debt and then accuse them of being lazy while earning solely off their misery

  • Master Noob96
    Master Noob9617 dager siden

    My God this vid is on friggin point 🤣🤣

  • Eric Minch
    Eric Minch17 dager siden

    Lose the squeaky lady.

  • R. M. Nielsen
    R. M. Nielsen17 dager siden

    We have a quip in Denmark about the 1% of the Middle Ages: The nobility, the original welfare recipients - living off other people's money, while everyone else were toiling in the fields (we had serfdom until 1788, I kid you not)

  • Don Surlylyte
    Don Surlylyte17 dager siden

    oh man, a lot of this was too on point

  • Kevin Street
    Kevin Street17 dager siden

    Rich people's 9/11. LOL!

  • Sadie Virtue
    Sadie Virtue17 dager siden

    "Rich people 9/11" Hahaha!..." 'immigration is how we give poor people their new enemy' 😂😂

  • Oliver Ruff
    Oliver Ruff17 dager siden

  • Troy David Cook
    Troy David Cook17 dager siden

    God damn these are great 😂

  • Rychy St. Vincent
    Rychy St. Vincent18 dager siden

    PIGEONS & ROOSTING: The thing about an idea is it’s innovation to the current truth. Whereas a lie needs no factual substrate. Or one could say the truth is more like a spray and makes it easy to see the substantial elements beneath compared to a lie being more like a brush stroke opaquely covering and maybe causing questions as to what’s under it. Think David Blaine v Mahatma Gandhi. I for one have found telling the truth never test what you have to remember First it was Hunter’s laptop has all the proof, then find Hunter’s laptop, then we have the laptop, then the FBI didn’t take the laptop, then his dad says the FBI didn’t take Hunter’s hard drives after he told them he had them, then I wondered why were the hard drives never mentioned before? These two need to sit and have dinner together so they can rearrange the table setting.

  • chez moi

    chez moi

    17 dager siden

    Hunter's hard drives? Copies, or removed from the laptop? Gotta wonder who managed that. Rudy can't even deal with his phones. Maybe he sat on the computer and butt-dialed it out?

  • JMRSplatt
    JMRSplatt18 dager siden

    "We don't even work from work!" haha 😆😂

  • Monkeyking
    Monkeyking18 dager siden

    trickle down requires you to have faith that rich people will put money back into business trickle up requires you to have faith that poor people will buy things now which do you think is the more likely thing to happen?

  • Tvbox5551973 Finnan

    Tvbox5551973 Finnan

    7 dager siden

    I don't need to solely think about this. 40 years of data will suffice.

  • Sophie Robinson

    Sophie Robinson

    17 dager siden

    I used my 1st stimulus check to pay off debt. The others are in savings towards getting a car that's not falling apart, like the one I have. Except I got takeout 3 times. $8 was the most expensive.

  • Lux
    Lux18 dager siden

    "Immigration is how we provide poor people with new enemies" - such a painfully accurate statement. Distraction tactics, putting blame on the different, rather than fixing the actual issue. Rather than looking in the mirror and identifying and rooting out the actual problems in our own society, the rich politicians keep scapegoating immigrants so the poor can have an obvious target for their frustration, and not have to bother digging deeper and accepting the responsibility on their own society's shortcomings. This is a tactic we're all familiar with, yet we still, as a population, fall for it every single time.

  • Din Sel

    Din Sel

    17 dager siden

    It is not a "distraction"... as an immigrant who barely speaks English and has no qualifications .... the sort of jobs you will take is the sort of job most Americans DO NOT WANT... and those that do are really at the bottom of the pile... and they get pissed that as I'd being the poorest in USA was not hard enough.. now they have to compete with slave labour immigration too...

  • Greg DeBree
    Greg DeBree18 dager siden

    EAT THE RICH! REDISTRIBUTE THEIR WEALTH! Billionaire burgers for a limited time!

  • steve o

    steve o

    17 dager siden

    Soylent Green 2022

  • mike frain
    mike frain18 dager siden

    1:30 and the remaining percentage of jobs in the infrastructure plan don't even need people due to automation and robotics.

  • Erick Carrera
    Erick Carrera18 dager siden

    I enjoy watching Colbert. These cartoons are fucking annoying & their voices are far fucking worse. What the fuck happened?

  • chez moi

    chez moi

    17 dager siden

    This is a parody. Sorry you don't get the humor. As for the voices, have you never listened to real newscasters?

  • jc
    jc18 dager siden

    I love “75% of new jobs will not require a college degree.” Because the last thing we need is a collective consensus that college - with courses that teach comparative literature and philosophy and critical thinking and the core foundation of the democratic process - is not essential for every single person in our country. Instead - it will be sacrificed at the expense of a desperate need to crawl out of poverty.

  • Eric Parnell

    Eric Parnell

    17 dager siden

    Education need not take place only upon the grounds of a university. We are in a flattened world, with information at our fingertips. I agree that education must be continual. But i would argue this; the University system in the U.S. has formed a monopoly on higher educatuon, and monopolies are always bad for the consumer

  • jc
    jc18 dager siden

    Why don’t politicians ever bring up clear and persuasive talking points when it comes to taxes? During the Bush years corporations were taxed at 32%. Trump gauged it down to 21%. Biden is only asking 28%. How is it that I know this but Senator Padilla does not?????? Or he does not think it’s a huge talking point? Senator?

  • Robert Lowe
    Robert Lowe18 dager siden

    "I would say this is Guilani's 9/11 but I just don't see how he can profit of it" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jenifer R.
    Jenifer R.18 dager siden

    So it turns out that the phrase is: "Way to bury the lede"... A lede is the introductory section in journalism and thus to bury the lede refers to hiding the most important and relevant pieces of a story within other distracting information. The spelling of lede is allegedly so as to not confuse it with lead (/led/) which referred to the strip of metal that would separate lines of type. Both spellings, however, can be found in instances of the phrase. Either way...Giuliani needs to work on this being as helpful to him as 9/11 was.

  • Betch Face
    Betch Face18 dager siden

    Working from home definitely does not make me rich with money clown. However working from home offers a different type of wealth. I get to spend more time with family after years of blue collar work travel. Millionaire Clowns saying im rich. U Tard im a hundredaire!!!!

  • SaintHeartwing
    SaintHeartwing18 dager siden

    This is bad satire. Morning Joe, whom the cartoon is OBVIOUSLY imitating, has been in favor of raising taxes on the rich since 20-friggin-2012. Satire works best when it’s based on something true. This is just based off a straw man version that’s not accurate at all.